We are completely sold out of male medium and male large and will not be restocking.  The only small female is the denim and it is very low on stock.  We are also no longer taking custom orders.

In the next few months we will be closing this website and moving over to Etsy exclusively.  That shop is already up and running.

Please be sure to follow us :)

The Functional Yet Stylish Dog Diapers - Poochie Pants

Poochie Pants are the best dog diapers on the market. Custom tailored to fit your pooch perfectly, their stylish and dependable design and functionalities keep away the messes. No matter what size or breed your precious dog, you'll find the perfect choice of dog diaper here at Poochie Pants.

There are two lines of Poochie Pants for each gender; casual or fancy. The casual is made of cotton and the fancy is made from a washable satin. The satin is great for dressing up but is also great for dogs who matte easily or have long hair.

Each Poochie Pant dog diaper is uniquely designed to address the gender specific needs of a dog's anatomy. Both the male dog diapers and female dog diapers can be used for a myriad of issues; incontinence, excitable urination, behavioral marking (also called hiking), and potty training. The female Poochie Pants were originally designed to address females in season/ heat, but are also used for those that suffer from incontinence, excitable urination marking and potty training as well.

Poochie Pants: The functional yet stylish dog diapers that actually stay on.

Proudly made in the USA.